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To be the most effective low cost marketing website for Real Estate Agents.

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We Are 2 Web Sites In One

    We will achieve our goal by bringing Agents marketing real estate and viewers searching for real estate together in one place. The Agent builds and stores showcases with specific parameters, and the viewer builds and stores profiles from the same list of parameters. Therefore, the Agent and the viewer are on the same page dealing with the same set of parameters. We created two databases one of real estate showcases and one of real estate profiles. The viewers profiles are run against the showcases everyday and when a match is found the viewer is notified via email.

    To enhance the marketing process we provide the craigslist code to advertise with, and allow the viewers to store multiple profiles to search with. This also draws viewers to our database.

    The two access points to the website are and

  • A web site designed to assist sellers of real estate advertise and sell or rent their property.
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  • A free web site designed to assist buyers and renters of real estate to find the property they desire.
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  • What will the showcase contain?

  • a Free and unique 24/7 search engine - Read how!


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